April is National Poetry Month

SpacksStreet4Welcome to the new Santa Barbara Poetry page. April is Poetry Month nationally and in Santa Barbara.  The official Santa Barbara Proclamation of April as Poetry Month and the appointment of Sojourner Kincaid Rolle as the Poet Laureate from 2015-2017 is available here. 

To the left, you’ll find a list of all the events on the calendar. Above, you can select ways of viewing these events as a chronological list, or on a calendar. You can click on any event to get more information, including maps and websites. You can also click on the social sharing buttons to share any event on Facebook or wherever you choose.

In the future, this site will grow to include bios of Santa Barbara poets, announcements for new books and links to reviews, and whatever else seems fitting. Please contact Chryss with your suggestions or if you’d like to add your information to the site. Happy April!